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Microgreens Denver/Boulder

Power-packed nutrition delivered to your door and it tastes so delicious the kiddos will want more!

Our resident Chef switches it up from spicy, to crisp, to sweet so that your home menu acheives pizaz, what a feat!

Whether ordering for one, or for a crew, we've got the Microgreens subscription for you!

Denver Microgreens

Mushroom farm Colorado: weekly Mushroom delivery service

Mushroom Farm Colorado

Trumpets, Black Pearls, and Lions Mane- Oh My!

Protein, Immune Support, and Flavor- It's Fungi!

Whether feeding vegans, tiny humans, or choosy mouths is your task, our home-delivered mushrooms will sizzle to perfection in a flash!

Chef selected varieties that rotate quite often is this home-delivery-subscription's favorite blossom.

Colorado Mushroom Farm

Denver Farmer's Market & CSA 2021 Options

Make City Park Farmer's Market part of your play as we'll be on Colfax each Saturday.

Wheter joinging our 10 week CSA from mid-June through August, or just grabbing full biology compost to make your garden the *hottest*, we'll greet you with a smile and listen to your stories. We want to know you even more-ies (sorry not sorry, it rhymes. Ha!)

First Come First Served !

Hugelrado Farms

We grow delicious, highly nutrient dense Microgreens, Mushrooms, and Market Produce. We strive to work with our local community in order to help actualize expressions of Food Sovereignty.

We grow with techniques that sequester more carbon. We grow using a Soil Foodweb focused and Korean Natural Farming skillset so that we require ZERO synthetic chemicals. We hand make all of our farm sourced amendments and all of our amendments are safe enough to eat! We build soil; we do not till it.

We seek out techniques and partners that encourage a circular economy, that divert food waste from landfills, that help protect clean water, and that leverage Nature's most wondrous composters (hello- red wrigglers!)

We believe that Collaboration is more mighty than Competition and focus on spreading the knowledge. When you have and idea for a project- call us!

We are Hugelrado Farms. We show up with shovels when there's work to be done.

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Fun Fact:

Adding 1% organic matter to your soils increases their water holding capacity by 20,000 gallons per acre.  Mulching is a great place to start. Keep your carbon (aka: fall leaves & grass clippings) ON your property for your soil's sake! Bonus: beneficial fungi love to munch on mulch! 

Fun Fact:

Bacteria, Fungi, Protozoa, Nematodes, and Micro-arthropods are the heroes of the soil!  When their ecosystems are in proper balance, they extract the nutrients locked inside the crystaline structure of the soil so that your plant gets what it needs. No additional fertilizers needed! 

Fun Fact:

97% of food "waste" in the United States winds up in land fills where it turns "anaroebic" (without oxygen,) and releases green house gases. When you Aerobically (with oxygen) compost your wastes, that carbon goes back down into the ground, instead of into our atmosphere. 

Fun Fact:

Fertile soil loss in the United States occurs 10X more quickly than the rate of natural regeneration AND we only have about 60 harvests worth of fertility left in our soils.  It didn't take long for us to tear the soils down, and it doesn't have to take long to build them back up again. #GoTeam

Fun Fact:

80% of a Prarie's Biomass is under the ground where roots travel 15-40 feet deep. The Soil life living on the roots actually eat carbon sugars and put them back into the soil for us. When you focus on your soils, your plant health follows. 

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