Beyond Lawns: A Permaculture & Regenerative Resource List for Colorado

This summer is a great time to transform your lawn into a living garden. This could be an edible garden, an oasis of native plants, a permaculture forest, or some other kind of regenerative land care project.
Our team was hoping to provide land care services in 2021, helping you build your soil with high-biology compost tea treatments. However, we have a really huge project that has taken us away from land care in 2021.
Hugelrado Land Care services will resume in spring 2022. In the mean time, if you’re looking for help in the garden this year, check out this amazing list of local resources assembled by Tom Abood and team.
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Green America Victory Gardens: Green America is a national non-profit advocating for Climate,  Food, Finance, Labor, Social Justice and Green Living. Started the Climate Victory Garden  campaign modeled after the World War II Victory Gardens. 

Grow Local Colorado: Barbara Masoner: Dedicated to promoting the growing of Local Food,  Local Community and Local Economy. Helping churches and other organizations  

Denver Urban Gardens (DUG):Brittany Pimental: Founded in 1985 now serving six metro  Denver counties-180 community gardens, education, training, access to seeds and plants. DUG  To Grow Boxes 

Jovial Concepts: Di Collingwood: Mission is to empower underserved communities to thrive by  creating access to high quality food, promoting healthy living, increasing self reliance and  converting lawns to gardens 

Littleton Garden Gang: Betty Harris: Focus is on healthy soil, composting, native plants and  pollinators 

Denver Permaculture Guild: Lee Recca: Mission is to build healthy, resilient, regenerative  communities. Earth Care, People Care, Fair Share 

Resource Central is an innovative nonprofit in Boulder, Colorado determined to make  conservation so simple that you don’t even realize you’re doing it. Lawn removal, garden in a  box, water wise landscaping. 

Living Systems Institute: David Braden: Provides regenerative landscaping, letting nature do  the work. Understanding that we are part of our habitat. 

Denver Water: Water wise landscape handbook and Garden in a box 

FOR PROFITS (Land Care Service Providers): 

Produce Denver-Nick Gruber- Transformed Tom Abood’s yard in  2014. Presently focusing on raised garden beds with a few larger landscaping projects each  year.

The Wild Green Yonder: Adam Brock: Was involved in initial design of Tom Abood’s yard  transformation. No longer doing permaculture landscape design but recommended the  following: 

  • Creighton Hofeditz (permaculture landscape design for homeowners):, (303) 870-8098  
  • United Ecology (full-service permaculture design-build for farms and institutions):, (908) 692-7878  
  • Honest Hands Landscaping (sustainable hardscaping and masonry):, (303) 241-0955  
  • Roaming Roots Gardening (ecological gardening services in the North metro  area):, (817) 913-9787 

Michael Alcazar: Indigenous permaculturist, artist, designer, builder, facilitator, Master  Educator with over 30 years experience  

Roots to Deep Waters: Eryn Joy Murphy: helps people connect to nature via their yards and  implement regenerative landscaping changes. 

Remedy Permaculture Design: Jax and Lindsey: Regenerative landscape services, co creating beautiful water-wise pollinator gardens 

All Beings Ecoscapes: Caleb Gruber: Landscape design and consultation focused on  regenerative wildscape and permaculture principles 

Auntie M’s Garden: Specializes in veggie gardens from design and install to planting and  coaching. Offer a wide range of services 

Kelly Beth provides garden consultation, plants and seeds. 

Boundless Landscapes: Gayle and Fern (Boulder)-Education, installation and planting food  gardens. The seeds of a new model for food, farming and resilience lie dormant in our back  yards. 

David Corollo: makes planter boxes, 

Earth Love Gardens: Aaron Michael: Garden beds, hoop houses, pollinator and edible  landscape design. 

Lovage Garden Company: encourages the use of herbs as landscape in yards and provides  planning, design and installation.

Water it With Love Landscaping: Lynn- Permaculture design, installation, maintenance and  education. To show families and youth the fun of growing food. 

Bella Verde Landscape Design: Deena Lawrence: local consulting and design company,  specializing in custom residential landscapes with an emphasis on sustainability and  xeriscaping. 


Native Seeds Project: Chantae Shor: Chantae is heading up  the Native Seeds Project and has the following sign up  

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Plant Select: 


Local Plant & Seed Sales: DUG; Denver Botanical Gardens; Front Range Organic Gardners  (FROG); Front Line Farming; Wompost (Composting); Littleton Garden Gang; Local garden  centers and many, many more 

Neighbors: Trading plants 

High Plains Environmental Center: 

Borderlands Restoration Network: 

Colorado Native Plant Society:  

Botanical Interests: Broomfield CO company in business since 1995 selling certified organic  seeds whose goal is to inspire and educate the gardener in you. 

Korby Xeric Sod: 80% Black Beauty Tall Fescue and 20% of Athletic Bluegrass Blend; Eco Friendly & Drought Tolerant; Full Sun & Partial Shade; Great for Xeriscape projects where  lower water rate is needed! Korby Sod, LLC Northern Colorado - 970-568- 7633  


Denver Bee Club: 

Colorado State Beekeepers Assoc:


Fire the Landscaper: How Landscapers, HOAs, and Cultural Norms Are Poisoning Our  Properties by Phil M. Williams  

Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge and the Teachings of  Plants by Robin Wall Kimmerer, 2015 As a botanist, Robin Wall Kimmerer has been trained  to ask questions of nature with the tools of science. As a member of the Citizen Potawatomi  Nation, she embraces the notion that plants and animals are our oldest teachers. Drawing on  her life as an indigenous scientist, a mother, and a woman, Kimmerer shows how other living  beings offer us gifts and lessons, even if we’ve forgotten how to hear their voices. She shows  the reader how awakening a wider ecological consciousness requires the acknowledgment and  celebration of our reciprocal relationship with the rest of the living world. Only when we can hear  the languages of other beings can we understand the generosity of the earth and learn to give  our own gifts in return. 

Pretty Tough Plants: 135 Resilient, Water-Smart Choices for a Beautiful Garden: by the  Experts at Plant Select. Plant Select is the brainchild of a partnership between Denver  Botanical Gardens and Colorado State University in the 1980s. Plant Select is now the  country’s leading brand of plants designed to thrive in high plains and intermountain regions.  


Fresh Food Connect Helen Katich CEO 



Soil solarization: alternative-to-soil-fumigants-0-505/ 

Composting: 7-212/ 

Vegetable gardening: 

Creating Pollinator Habitat: pollinator-habitat-5-616/ 

Lawn care: 

Native trees: 421/ 

Native shrubs: 7-422/ 

Native perennials colorado-landscapes-7-242/ 

Please visit for links to research-based gardening  information.  

Contact the Master Gardener volunteers via e-mail at or  via phone 303-730-1920. Trained volunteers are standing by to help answer your questions.  


Thank you to all who support and enrich the Living for Our Future workshop series with your  participation, curiosity, and goodwill. A special thanks to those who contributed to this resource  list: 

Green First Task Force of First Universalist Church of Denver; GrowLocal Colorado; Denver  Permaculture Guild; Colorado State University Extension; Slow Food Denver; Adam Brock;  Chantae Shor.