Coming Soon from Hugelrado Farms

If you've run into us lately, you've probably heard that we're up to quite a lot. 

We are working on comprehensive plans that allow us to cultivate mushrooms, spirulina, microgreens,  greens, vegetables, healthy craft soils, Healthy composts, healthy vermacultures. I’m even toying with the idea of a far-future (not anytime soon,) spider and mantid museum to celebrate native beneficial insects!

We're doing a lot of growing, and we have a lot of life going on around us. We brainstorm together, Nick finds the tactical approach, Shannon maps it out in black and white. We #teammode farm duties.

The challenge of our birthing/launch year is to launch on an onboarding schedule that allows us to meet the needs of our community, sequester carbon, and prove that we are a financially viable business. There needs to be LOTS of businesses like ours, and we’re honored to help get this work done that must needs doing! 

We can’t make the case for rewriting Balance Sheet’s to include human and planetary health until our Balance Sheet proves the point on it’s own. (Balance Sheet = Accounting speak for a report outlining overall financial health of a business. Did we mention that Shannon also owns a Regenerative Business focused accounting firm to help similar businesses get profitable too?!) 

Once these main two initiatives are secured, then we can move into launching additional products and services, so the schedule below may fluctuate, but you can generally expect: 

Initial Offerings 2020

  • Garden Wellness Services
  • BioChar-ged Worm Castings 
  • Red Wiggler Composting worms
  • Home composting systems
  • Garden/Growing themed Journals, shirts, mugs, stickers, leggings, tapestries, et (via Printify/Shopify app) 

Fall 2020 Additional Offerings

  • Restaurant & School Compost Bin maintenance programs
  • Soil Food Web certified lab offering Soil Analysis to help the home gardener understand what life currently exists in their soils so they can understand how to cultivate their biology to accommodate  their chosen crops or ecosystem. 
  • Korean Natural Farming Inputs, Coaching, and Garden care services
  • Inoculated BioChar
  • Tower growing systems with living soil

2021 Additional Offerings

  • Gourmet mushrooms and microgreens
  • BioComplete™ Compost & Compost Teas
  • Soil Web & Compost Consultations 
  • Starter-Garden kits, complete with living soil. 
  • Vermiculture, Korean Natural Farming classes 
  • Compost site host program (compost & compost bin maintenance program) 


Other Future Offerings 

  • Custom Soil Amendments 
  • Mushroom growing kits/supplies
  • Soil and nutrient product lines