Earth Week Summit & Soil Health 101

Ready to meet people who care as much as you do and who are willing to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty? Join us as we celebrate Earth Day virtually for Earth Summit Week! 

Our team at Hugelrado Farm wants to connect you with other humans who also want to build healthy, biologically thriving, carbon sequestering soil. During Earth Summit Week, we are offering a Soil Health 101 Webinar in partnership with the Alliance Center. Come join us on April, 23 at 11 am! 

Earth Summit Week is the brainchild of one of our favorite people: Joan Gregerson. She is a bridge-builder who connects people from all over the world to projects that measurably mitigate climate change.

The  International Climate Action Challenge is another brainchild of Joan’s. The event empowers thousands of trees to be planted and inspires dozens of projects across multiple continents. If you have an idea for helping to mitigate climate change or know someone who does, check out this global, project-based 3-month event each fall. 

In the meantime, sign up for the Earth Week Summit - Saturday, April 17th to Saturday, April 24th. Joan’s goal this year is to help the global community rally around climate change mitigation efforts and to help bring people together around shared passions. Click this link to view the Earth Week Summit Schedule. And if you’re one of our beloved Colorado locals, click this link for Denver Earth Week Summit Schedule. 

Hugelrado Farms is proud to be a sponsor of Earth Week Summit, and we look forward to seeing you during the many events happening during summit week.