If you're looking for something to celebrate, let's celebrate micro-finance. Let's celebrate! is an amazing global microfinance platform that connects lenders with people who need access to zero percent interest loan funding. Now why does this matter and why am I telling you to you?  I'm sharing this with you because over 400 people from around the world believed in the mission of Hugelrado Farms enough to lend us $15,000 startup money in just 14 days!

This is an absolute game changer for us. This means we can now finish building our certified laboratory and we can build our greenhouse. We can make sure we have the proper equipment to offer executable garden wellness services, and to make our business viable much more quickly than it would have been otherwise. Here's a link to our Kiva Page incase you want to see what it looked like.

We want to say thank you to every Kiva supporter that lent us money, everyone from people who lent us $25 to organizations that offered a match to incentivize others to lend us money, to people that lent us $500 at once. It was a global team effort! It was just an absolutely amazing turnout from around the world that humbled and inspired us. Seeing the global support for soil restoration work added even more energy to our work, and we're excited to LAUNCH! 

I think one of the coolest things for Kiva Lenders is that you find someone that you believe in, you lend them money, you get repaid, and you do it all over again! So with that same dollar amount, they're able to impact multiple businesses, multiple lifes over the course of a year without any additional cost because, remember, at the end of this whole thing they get their money back!

This is why Hugelrado Farms will always work to support microfinance. Below we're including a list of all of the supporters and loan funders who rallied together to make our loan possible. We are so so very grateful to these people. And we hope to get to meet each and every one of you over the coming years. 

Thank you so much for our support! 

Here are all our supporters: