Community Supported Grower: Plant Starts & Perennials


Hugelrado Farms is honored to be a Community Supported Grower.

Seed Starts

We grow your plant starts in compostable pots and cultivate robust root-zones in order to help ensure your transplanting success. Simply plant your seedling, pot and all, right into your garden. 

We use ZERO synthetic chemicals and instead, we lean into ancient Korean Natural Farming techniques and science-backed Soil Foodweb techniques. This means that you can be confident that your seedlings are teaming with beneficial biology. 

Much of our Seed Stock comes from Boulder Based MASA Seeds, from nonprofit Seed Savers Exchange, from heirloom & flavor focused Tomato Grower's Supply, from Canadian rare-herb specialist Richter's, and a few items from Baker Creek. We do not and will not grow GMO seed.

Established Perennials: 

We partner with Fort Collins Wholesale Nursey in order to help you source more-affordable established perennials. For all of our perennial sales, we set expectation for a two week lead-time and we recommend purchasing our Colorado Craft Compost & Tea drench in order to help inoculate the root zone with beneficial biology as quickly as possible. This will help your plants recover from the trauma of transplant and acclimate to your soils as quickly as possible. Compost and Compost Teas can be added at time of pickup. 

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