Arvada/Denver CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)


Our Arvada/Denver CSA contains 10-12 pieces of produce and runs the 10 weeks from Mid-June through August. Cost listed is for all 10 weeks. First Come,First Serve. 

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We grow your food using ZERO synthetic chemicals and instead, we lean into ancient Korean Natural Farming techniques and science-backed Soil Foodweb techniques. This means that our produce is likely to have more complex flavor and higher nutritional density than what you're used to, *especially* if you're used to eating store bought industrially grown produce. 

Much of our Seed Stock comes from Boulder Based MASA Seeds, from nonprofit Seed Savers Exchange, from heirloom & flavor focused Tomato Grower's Supply, from Canadian rare-herb specialist Richter's, and a few items from Baker Creek. We do not and will not grow GMO seed. 


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