Who We Are and What We Do!

At Hugelrado Farms, our mission is to assist and engage our community in:

  • building healthy soil biology
  • attaining low-cost/high-yield/nutritionally dense home or apartment grown food
  • diverting common kitchen and yard “wastes” to useful work
  • sequestering as much carbon as we can along the way!

We do this by blending learnings from Permaculture, Soil Biology, Korean Natural Farming, and Biological farming in order to offer:

  • SoilFoodWeb Certified Lab services,
  • Vermicomposting/Bokashi/bin-composting resources,
  • indoor/outdoor gardening education,
  • products, and services
  • and and by developing vermicomposting partnership programs with local schools, restaurants, and community gardens. 

We believe that every person in the world can participate in reversing climate change by sequestering more carbon through building soil. We strive to better equip our community to #BuildSoilSupportLife. We believe that building soil health is a global need and that we can encourage more people to get involved by demonstrating a profitable business model which centers soil-health, soil building, and the profession of SoilSmithing.