Garden Wellness Services

Our suite of garden wellness services are designed to help support all elements of the transition to Biological, Natural Growing. 

The goal of our work is to help connect you with the beneficial biology living in your soil, help re-introduce beneficial life back into the soils, and to thereby grow more resilient, robust, nutritious plants that make your ecosystem more stable, and your spaces more enjoyable. 

Our Approach

“Regenerative Natural Biological” means: We Center Soil Health. Soil health is another way of saying “Structure & Inhabitants.” Plants evolved to trade their sugars from photosynthesis in exchange for water and nutrients at their roots. They form alliances with “good guy” bacteria and fungi, who bring water and nutrients to plants in exchange for sugars from the plant’s photosynthesis. Everything we do is about strengthening the relationship amongst your roots, fungi, and bacteria so that your plants are able to access the nutrients already in the soil. As an added bonus- this approach helps drawdown C02 back into the ground, so you’re literally building a carbon pump right in your backyard, and it’s feeding you too!


Garden Wellness

We serve the Arvada, Golden, Denver areas. Schedule your call for a quote below. 

  • SoilFoodWeb Soil Analysis (see your soil life under the scope!)
  • Microbial foliar feedings (protect your plants with beneficial biology.) 
  • Microbial root drenches (put your soil life where the roots are.) 
  • Inoculated BioChar applications (improve water retention up to 25%)  
  • Compost Coaching (virtual or in person, we help you know that you're doing it right.
  • Bokashi Systems (compost meats and oils.)