Garden Wellness & Land Care Offerings


We serve the Arvada, Golden, Denver, and Boulder areas.

*All our Garden Wellness and Land Care Services begin with a conversation.* 
  • Custom Greenhouse and Hoop-House Design/Builds (to extend your growing season!
  • Custom Raised Bed Builds (to increase accessibility and comfort in your garden, key-hole designs available for wheelchair accessible gardening.
  • Lawn Aeriation (to alleviate compaction, important for high traffic areas.) 
  • Mycelium Inoculated Native Grass Seed (healthy grass roots grow +20 ft deep and help your property retain water.
  • Soil Foodweb Soil Analysis (see your soil life under the scope!)
  • Microbial Foliar Feedings (protect your plants with beneficial biology.) 
  • Microbial root drenches (put your soil life where the roots are.) 
  • Inoculated BioChar Applications (improve water retention up to 25%)  
  • Compost Coaching (virtual or in person, we help you know that you're doing it right.


 We partner with an expert carpenter to help your realize your custom garden project goals and we train our Land Care team on all elements of soil health so that any of our team members can help answer Soil Health questions and can help provide an educational experience for you, along with best-in-class Land Care Services!