Denver Soil Testing

What's the best way to learn about your soils? PUT THEM UNDER THE SCOPE! 

Our soon-to-be certified SoilFoodWeb laboratory will be launching in late fall 2020. 

How it works: 

  • We'll give you instructions for how to collect your soil sample. 
  • Ship us your sample. 
  • We'll send you a video walk through and review of your soils under the scope and will primarily be talking through your ratio of soil life, and what that ration means for what you can grow. 
  • We'll talk with you through action items to achieve your target outcome. 

Nematodes are valuable predators in the SoilFoodWeb. You can tell nematode apart by their mouth parts. This little guy is from our worm castings. 


(Funfact: Nutrients can *only* be made plant available when they enter the "poop-loop" from larger soil predators who have eaten bacteria & fungi.)