BioChar-ged Worm Castings
BioChar-ged Worm Castings

BioChar-ged Worm Castings


Ready to increase your yields, build soil health and sequester more carbon? This is a top dress mix of: 30% BioChar-ged worm castings, 30% added "BioChar Now," and 30% Coco Coir. By feeding our worms "BioChar Now," the only EPA approved BioChar in the US, we are enhancing our castings capacity to hold and support beneficial soil biology, which is key plant health and more robust yields. BioCharNow holds 5.6x its weight in water in a root available way (excellent for drought proofing). Additionally, research shows that adding BioChar to your soil: 

  • Increases soil biology and diversity
  • Increases water infiltration and water holding capacity (improves drought resistance)
  • Improves soil structure and stability
  • Increases cation exchange capacity (CEC) (your soils ability to carry nutrients)
  • Increases adsorption of ammonium, nitrate, phosphate and calcium ions
  • Increases nutrient retention over other organic matters
  • Improves soil pH buffering and stability
  • Enhances development of denser root zones
  • Reduces fertilizer runoff, especially nitrogen and phosphorus by absorbing excess minerals
  • Decreases emissions of nitrous oxide by 50-80%