BioChar (EPA Approved)
BioChar (EPA Approved)
BioChar (EPA Approved)
BioChar (EPA Approved)

BioChar (EPA Approved)


Ready to build soil health, increase yields, retain water, and sequester more carbon!? Top-dressing and drenching your soils with BioChar (no-till,) can help cultivate the proper conditions for your soils to support life and sequester more atmospheric carbon. Because of BioChar's incredible surface area (1 football field of surface area per 2 inch peice of biochar,) BioChar is able to carry 5.6 times it's weight in water (yay drought-tolerance!) holds more nutrients within the soil, and acts as a brilliant scaffolding upon which beneficial soil biology can grow.

Studies have shown that BioChar added to soil results in:

  • Improved soil structure and stability
  • Increased cation exchange capacity (CEC)
  • Increased adsorption of ammonium, nitrate, phosphate, and calcium ions
  • Increased nutrient retention over ordinary organic matter
  • Improved soil pH buffering and stability
  • Increased soil biology and diversity
  • Enhanced, denser root development
  • Reduced fertilizer runoff, especially nitrogen and phosphorus
  • Reduced total fertilizer requirements
  • Decreased emissions of nitrous oxide by 50-80%

What is BioChar?

BioChar is an ancient technology pioneered by inhabitants of the Amazon Basin thousands of years ago, their Biochar soil handiwork can still be seen in the “Terra Preta” soils of the Amazon Rainforest and growing evidence suggests that the fertility of the rainforest didn’t actually happen all on it’s own, but with the help of ancient people and their early versions of BioChar. BioChar is VERY different from Charcoal. Regular Charcoal still has various residues and toxins associated within the material and less surface area, whereas BioChar has had ALL non-carbon atoms removed and is “Exploded out” so that it’s molecular structure has tremendous surface area. One 2 inch piece of biochar has the surface area of a football field, that’s +57,0000 square feet inside of 2 inches! We like to refer to BioChar as “Luxury High-rises for Soil Biology!”

In recent years BioChar Production has been further perfected to remove all non-carbon atoms from beetle-kill and other forest wastes by applying +1000F temperatures over the course of +8 hours in Zero-Oxygen environments. Our supplier, BioChar Now, is actually the ONLY EPA Approved BioChar producer in the entire United States. They describe BioChar as “highly adsorbent, specially-produced charcoal with unique properties originally used as a soil amendment.”

BioChar started to enter Agricultural Consciousness in the early 2000s and is still too-well kept secret! BioChar for gardening and BioChar for Agriculture has tremendous potential! Biochar Benefits include: improving yields, improving drought tolerance, improving nutrient update, improving soil health, and sequestering more carbon. Work is also being done to demonstrate that adding BioChar to livestock feed increases nutrient uptake, removes harmful chemicals from their systems, and helps them gain healthy weight more quickly. BioChar for Gardening and BioChar for Farming are on the rise.

Fun Fact: BioChar has a half-life of 17,000 years, which means in 17,000 years (roughly year 19000) half of the amount you apply