CSA Vegetable Box

CSA Vegetable Box


Our Arvada/Denver CSA contains 10-12 pieces of produce and runs the 10 weeks from Mid-June through August. Cost listed is for all 10 weeks. 

We grow your food using ZERO synthetic chemicals and instead, we lean into ancient Korean Natural Farming techniques and science-backed Soil Foodweb techniques. This means that our produce is likely to have more complex flavor and higher nutritional density than what you're used to, *especially* if you're used to eating store bought industrially grown produce. 

Much of our Seed Stock comes from Boulder Based MASA Seeds, from nonprofit Seed Savers Exchange, from heirloom & flavor focused Tomato Grower's Supply, from Canadian rare-herb specialist Richter's, and a few items from Baker Creek. We do not and will not grow GMO seed. 

Assorted Fresh Herbs (Basil, Thyme, Sage, and other Chef's Favs) 

Mixed Salad Greens (Consistent part of your box, good quantity, NOM, NOM, NOM) 

Heirloom Tomatoes (Blacks, Purples, Yellows, and Oranges!) 

Peppers (+5 varieties, from spicy to sweet!) 

Onions (+5 varieties from similar bioregions!) 

Garlic (+6 Varieties, very different flavor profiles!) 

Assorted Asian Brassica Greens ("Superfoods" Bok Choi, Tatsoi, and more!) 

Swiss Chard (all the colors!) 

Kale (Multiple varieties of this cruciferous delight!) 

Brassicas (Broccolini, Rab, Calabrese, Goliath, and more!) 

Collard Greens (tribute to our Southern roots, don't worry, we'll provide recipes ;)!) 

Squash (Acorn, Sunburst, and Japanese!) 

Zucchini (Staples in our summer cooking.) 

Snap Peas (Amish Snaps & Sweet Anne Sugar Snaps. Sweet & Delicious!) 

Pole & Bush Beans (+10 Niche & Staple Varieties!) 

Artichokes (Colorado Red Star & Green Globe!) 

Cucumbers (Sweet Pickles, mmmmmm!) 

And many more! 

Optional Add On, as Available: Mushrooms & Microgreens

Optional Add On, as Available: High Plains Natural Poultry

Optional Add On, as AvailableFresh Eggs